Originating in 2006, the Nantucket Scholar Program provides full four year scholarships for two Nantucket High School seniors each year. We are proud of our scholars:

2020 Scholars​​: Brianna Leveille, University of CA Riverside and and Phaedra Plank, Wellesley College
2020 Vocational Scholars
: Charlie Clark, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Alexander Corkish, NE Institute of Technology; Camron Diadoti, NE Institute of Technology; Jackson Milne, Wentworth Institute of Technology

2019 Scholars​​: Jenna Genthner, Bates College and Jennifer Lamb, Northeastern University
2019 Vocational Scholars: Micheal Bartley, Johnson & Wales; Malkia Blake, Culinary Institute of America; Gideon Holdgate, MASS College of Art and Design

2018 Scholars​​: Deana Weatherly, Wellesley College and Carter Snell, University of Vermont
2018 Vocational Scholars: Brianna Falconer, Johnson & Wales and Blaise Flegg, New England Institue of Technology

2017 Scholars: Evan Borzilleri, University of California at Berkeley and Sophie Kuhl, Brown University

2016 Scholars: Claire MacKay, Bates College and Frances Steadman, Villanova University

2015 Scholars: Lisa Genthner, Dartmouth College and Mia Silverio, Georgetown University

2014 Scholars: Isabella Day, Georgetown University and James Roggeveen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2013 Scholars: Joseph Zieff, Middlebury College and Wisima Nipatnantaporn, Emerson College

2012 Scholars: Eve Manghis, Harvard University and Codie Perry, Boston College

2011 Scholars: Ashleigh Inglis, Harvard University and Will Horyn, Villanova University

2010 Scholars: Ashley Clinger, Sacred Heart University and Caroline Stanton, Vassar College

2009 Scholars: Samantha Reis, University of Richmond and River Bennett, University of Virginia

2008 Scholars: Anita Elahi Small, George Washington University and Tomas Smaliorius, Bucknell University

2007 Scholars: Anna Burnham, DePaul University and Samantha Pillion, Wellesley College

2006 Scholars: Kelsey Fredericks Perkins, Connecticut College and Rachel Schneider Shepard, Sarah Lawrence College